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Modern Worship Articles

Artists Writing About Worship

Don't have a worship band yet? The top worship leaders have some great input about the role of modern worship in your student ministry. These articles can be the foundation as you get started. Got a worship band? If your band is like most, they need more than chord charts... they need some direction and wisdom. That's why we extract experience and nuggets of advice from worship leaders they know. We're certain that you'll find the Modern Worship Articles just as useful as the chord charts.

Article Title Writer Featured In
Planetshakers YLO132
Planetshakers YLO131
Planetshakers YLO130
Planetshakers YLO129
Planetshakers YLO129
Planetshakers YLO128
Andy Harrison YLO127
Planetshakers YLO118
Michael Farren YLO114
Elias Dummer YLO114
Rick Bundschuh YLO113
Here Be Lions YLO112
Lincoln Brewster YLO111
For All Seasons YLO110
Long Hollow Wave YLO109
Seacoast Worship YLO105
Phil Wickham YLO104
The Fifth Service YLO103
Brandon Grissom YLO103
Kutless YLO102
Planetshakers YLO101
The City Harmonic YLO101
The Brilliance YLO100
Shane & Shane YLO99
The Desperation Band YLO98
Lincoln Brewster YLO97
All Sons & Daughters YLO96
Elevation Worship YLO95
The City Harmonic YLO94
Tim Timmons YLO93
Martin Smith YLO92
Planetshakers YLO91
Brenton Brown YLO90
The Desperation Band YLO89
Planetshakers YLO88
Rend Collective YLO87
The City Harmonic YLO86
Tim Timmons YLO85
Brenton Brown YLO84
Gungor YLO83
Lincoln Brewster YLO82
Delirious? YLO81
Sixteen Cities YLO80
Magellan YLO79
LeeLand YLO78
David Crowder Band YLO77
Brenton Brown YLO76
Bluetree YLO75
Ayiesha Woods YLO74
Kutless YLO73
Delirious? YLO72
Doug Lasit YLO71
Todd Agnew YLO69
Joel Engle YLO68
Echoing Angels YLO67
Matt Papa YLO66
Hillsong United YLO65
MercyMe YLO64
Joel Engle YLO63
Ken McCoy YLO62
Joel Engle YLO61
Joel Engle YLO60
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