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Most of that media consumption involves music in one form or another. Songs. CDs. Downloads. YouTube. TV. Soundtracks. 

9.0 EVERY DAY is more time than your students spend in class. It's definitely more time than they spend at church. Stop and consider the impact of 9.0: does the music your students choose to listen to line up with the message of Jesus that you are teaching?

9.0 EVERY DAY is your opportunity. When you make the effort to play a variety of Christian music during walk-in, walk-out or to reinforce a lesson, something will eventually catch their ear. Your kids choose music with their ears, not their heart. When they ask "Who is that?" send them a quick link to the playlist of the album. Let 9.0 EVERY DAY work for you, not against you.

9.0 EVERY DAY is why interlinc exists. For over 30 years, interlinc has given youth leaders the tools to change students listening habits. Youth Leaders Only is (and always has been) the original low-cost music subscription service for student ministry. We work hard to make sure YLO gives our members affordable music resources because we want to see students embrace the life that God has for them. Not the life that Katy Perry or Lil Wayne sing about.


Music is a huge part of your students' lives. That's why every edition of Youth Leaders Only includes music-based Bible studies written by real, live youth leaders. There's a leaders guide and a student worksheet for at least one song on each of the 15 albums featured that quarter. We often describe them as "just add water" studies ... they're an easy resource to hand over to a volunteer or Sunday school teacher (or when you come down with the flu on Saturday night).

YLO Members get over 60 Bible studies each year, or you can purchase each quarter's edition (with 15 Bible studies) as a "single box."

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We know that worship is a key part of what you're trying to teach and model for your students. Sure, there's the "big church" experience, but it's also great to find ways to allow your students to worship together with their peers. And if you have a few musically inclined kids in your group, so much the better. Giving them a platform to develop their skills and lead their peers in worship is one of the best things you can do to encourage their talent. 

Every edition of YLO includes 12-15 chord charts for songs from the featured artists that you can use or pass along to your praise band or worship leader. 

Get 60 chord charts and worship band helps with any level of YLO membership



Unavoidable. Pervasive. Inescapable. Mainstream music is everywhere. Even if your students switch their listening habits from secular to sacred, they are still going to hear the top songs everywhere they go. In the re:tuned section of every Youth Leaders Only, we provide ideas to take advantage of popular mainstream songs. Use the opening questions, the thematic concepts and discussion ideas to spice up a Bible study, Sunday School lesson, camp/retreat meeting or outreach event message.

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Occasionally we've had the opportunity to use music and media to address some "must talk about" topics in student ministry — evangelism, sexuality, middle school, and more. We've packaged each of these "special editions" together with music, video, curriculum, leaders guides and more. These resources are available for individual purchase, or you can bundle together 4 topics for a discounted price.

Choose any of our theme-based curriculum for just $29.95


TV shows are a part of our culture, and sometimes we come across series or specials that make sense as a resource for your student ministry. In the past we've developed resources for The Bible miniseries on The History Channel and The American Bible Challenge on GSN. 


In a world of big screens and small screens, tablets, phablets and smart phones, it's hard to believe, but old school books still have a place in students' lives.

When we come across a book or author that we feel can help you connect with students and communicate truth, we want to share that with you. Sometimes we'll just let you know about a new book or series, sometimes we'll offer you discounted prices on bulk purchases, and sometimes we'll develop a special youthworker guide to give you the tools you need to use a book in your ministry. 


As a youthworker, you are no stranger to using various teaching methods ... everything from playing a game to playing a song can be used to drive home a point. Watching and discussing a movie can be one of those "teaching methods" you employ.

But young people are not conditioned to do the "thinking between the lines" that is sometimes necessary to extract the message from a movie. That's why we occasionally develop resources to help you use an upcoming theatrical release to open doors with students for powerful conversations about life, God and faith.


One of the best ways to experience music is at a concert. Whether it's a local band at a local church, or the mainstage at a summer festival or major tour, getting to see an artist or band live can make a student a fan for life.

But it's not just about being a fan ... concerts are where you can hear firsthand an artists story, catch a glimpse of their heart and bring friends who aren't all that sure about Jesus (or this "God music") to experience it for themselves. 

We'll keep you posted on tour schedules for artists featured in Youth Leaders Only. And occasionally we'll pass along special deals or even the occasional free ticket.



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