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Lessons from the big screen

Your students are into movies—big time. Most of our young friends watch several movies a week. They watch them alone and with friends, on their phones, computers, televisions, and local theater screens. They quote lines and sing songs from favorite films and adopt the fashions they see in the movies they like. Yep, movies are big time important to teenagers.

That means that YOU want to be able to take advantage of films that will help you reach young people for Jesus Christ, and help them to grow in their relationship with Him!

When we discover movies that you would find useful, we create resources that help you use those films in your ministry to students. We review scripts and view screeners to find movies that can help you use the movie experience to impart Biblical truth to your students. We have developed youth ministry resources for large blockbuster movies (like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and The Passion of The Christ), medium sized movies (such as Soul Surfer, and Disney’s A Christmas Carol) and smaller movies (like Alone Yet Not Alone and The Identical).

Movies can have a big impact on students. We want to help you to use that potential for Christ!

Exclusive youth worker guides

You’ve probably had a few “What If’s” in your time as a youth leader. “What if we could have a movie that…?” “What if I could take my group to see a film that would…?” Yeah, we have too. That’s why when we find movies that are usable in student ministry, we pour our hearts and minds into creating resources that can make the movie a ministry event on the youth ministry calendar, and satisfy at least one of those “What If’s” of ours.

Our “WriteGroup” – a team of youth leaders who have a combined 250 years (whoa!) of youth ministry experience – create each film-based Youthworker Guide that give you a clear set of ministry objectives, a planning timeline, supporting articles, youth group sessions based on clips from the movie, and “Behind The Scenes” extra resources that bring the movie to life for students.

(One of our favorite “Behind The Scenes” experiences was when we took a group of students to the Academy Award-winning Creature Creation Studio for a look at the creatures used in The Chronicles of Narnia. That was truly “Behind The Scenes” stuff!)

The Youthworker Guides and movie clips are great student ministry resources for use during the film’s run in theaters, and long after. Take a look at the Youthworker Guides that are available!

Here's a sample of a Bethany Hamilton Movie Resource

You are probably familiar with Bethany Hamilton, even if you don’t recognize the name. Mention “Soul Surfer” or “that surfer girl who had her arm bitten off by a shark” and most people will respond, “Oh! Yes! I know who you’re talking about!” Bethany’s story has become legendary through the Soul Surfer book and movie. Her worldwide travels have inspired tons of people to overcome their obstacles, and to find life’s meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ.

Because of the impact of Bethany’s story and faith journey we are inviting you to use the UNSTOPPABLE resources in your ministry when it is in theaters and for many years afterward!

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