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Thematic Listing & Playlists

You have at your fingertips maybe THE MOST POWERFUL resource in all of Christian music!
And it is available exclusively to Team interlinc-YLO Members.

The Complete Thematic Listing & Playlists Index allows you to reference ALL the Biblical themes associated with ALL the songs on the CD's/Download Cards and DVD's in ALL the YLO Boxes and on ALL the Music Video Loops. When the input is complete, you will be able to reference every song all the way back to YLO #1 (1987) and MVL #1 (1993). over 15,000 songs referenced by theme. Even better there will be over 2500 complete music-based youth group sessions that you can access based on theme. The studies are written by long-term youthworkers who love kids, love music-media and want to use music and media to get the Good News of Jesus Christ to them. The best is there will be over 250 ministry-themed playlists that you can share with your students.
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