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Because they are listening...

Unavoidable. Pervasive. Inescapable.

Unavoidable. Pervasive. Inescapable. Mainstream pop music is everywhere. Even if you can get your young Christian friends to switch their listening habits from secular to sacred, they are still going to hear the top popular songs everywhere they go. In this section we provide you some ideas to take advantage of some of the most popular mainstream songs. Use the opening questions, the thematic concepts and discussion ideas to spice up your Bible study, Sunday School lesson, camp/retreat meeting or outreach event message.

Mainstream Artists

To be effective in your ministry with teenagers, you need to be aware of the entertainment media they are engaged in 9.0 hours everyday.

A major part of this “soup they swim in” involves the artists who produce that media. We know you don’t have time to stay up with all these creative trendsetters so we equip our Team interlinc Members with tools to stay up to speed on this important area. By including the artists in this section, we are not endorsing them, their lifestyle, or their music. We are simply saying, “These are artists whose music all of your kids are aware of. Here are some tools to help you converse with your students about the music they hear everyday.” Our comments will not be critiques but will be centered on how to use these artists’ music to initiate conversations about Biblical truth.

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re:Tuned discussion guides

These discussion guides are great “door openers” into the lives of your students. You start with a familiar reference point (ie a song that they know) and move into a spiritual conversation. These resources are written so they can be used in a large group, small discussion group, or in a one-on-one setting. They are all done by Team interlinc Writers who are currently  working with middle school and high school students. Use them well and let us know how the Lord is using you and these tools in your students’ lives.

See our re:Tuned Discussion Guides listed by song, artist, and theme

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