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With over 1,300,000 copies given to graduates by 25,000 churches, ConGRADulations! is the #1 grad gift of the decade. This year's edition includes a line-up of hard-hitting, powerful music and advice for your grads.

  • It's Music (20 songs from the top names in Christian music including Lecrae, Tobymac, Rend Collective, Jamie Grace)
  • It's Media (over 1 hour of video with artist, author-speaker, and fellow grad video greetings and advice, grad books, and more)
  • It's a 48 page Grad Gift Book and a Personalizable Gift Package!
  • A Ministry Resource Website accompanies the gift.

    Your seniors will be encouraged as the songs and videos prepare them for the biggest transition of their lives


    Sure, video has become important to your grads' lives, but music is still king in communicating deeply and personally to their hearts. On the ConGRADulations! Download Card or CD, you'll find 20 songs from today's most popular Christian artists. These songs address the issues that grads are facing - the future, success, friends, life mission and purpose, and personal faith and will be the soundtrack for your grads' real life "video".

    Listen to the music on ConGRADulations! 2015

    Gift Book

    The ConGRADulations! Gift Book is a collection of 48 amazingly graphic pages full of words of wisdom, artist advice, grad encouragement, song lyrics, and more. The graphic above shows 8 of the pages. It is totally personalizable where you can include your group picture and greeting if you want to, and it holds the Download Card (or CD) and Media links.

    There are great devotionals from the NIV College Devotional Bible, powerful transition helps from Josh McDowell, Derek Melleby of CPYU and Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson!!! Also back this year is strong advice from John Bryson of College Ready/Family Life (Empowering Friendships). Download our free reproducible card! We even left you space to drop in your own pic to include with your gift.
    Get version 1 (blank for you to add your own written message) or version 2 (includes our "handwritten" message).

    Want to see all 48 pages? Click here


    From the moment the Class of 2015 first opened their eyes, they've had a video recorder staring back at them. Birthdays, holidays, sports events, and vacations were all captured on video and in photographs. YouTube and iPhones have taken this homemade video phenomenon to another level. What better way than the "video mode" for grads to share with each other? The Mobile Media Content for ConGRADuations! is loaded with personal videos to the Class of 2015: from fellow classmates, from previous graduates, and from the top names in Christian music.


    Message Remix Bible

    Price: $30. Get it for only $13 with your ConGRADulations! order. Eugene Peterson. 2272 pages. In this revised edition of Eugene Peterson's bestselling paraphrase, the reader-friendly text is still in paragraph form, but chapter and verse numbers have been added alongside. Includes book introductions and a "User's Guide" article.


    NIV Student Bible

    Price: $28. Get it for only $13 with your ConGRADulations! order. Executive Editors: Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford 1464 pages. The NIV Student Bible's proven, commonsense approach to studying the Scriptures appeals to high school and college readers. Its carefully researched features will help overcome common obstacles to reading and understanding the Bible. Edited by award-winning authors Yancey and Stafford, this Bible enables a student to understand what they read, find the topics they're looking for, and make real progress in their Bible study, Features include:

    • Guided Tour Of The Bible (180 Day Journey)
    • Book Introductions And Overviews
    • 3-Track Reading Plan
    • Subject Guide
    • 100 Biblical People You Should Know.


    NIV College Devotional Bible

    Price: $35 Get it for only $13 with your ConGRADulations! order. Includes the full text of the NIV Bible plus 222 student-oriented devotionals taking stories from everyday life to illustrate eternal truths. Also includes summer reading plans


    NIV Student Bible (Leather)

    Price: $50. Get it for only $20 with your ConGRADulations! order. This NIV Walnut-And-Espresso Colored Italian Duo-Tone Study Bible's proven, common-sense approach to studying the Scriptures appeals to high school students and college readers. Its thoughtful, carefully researched features will help overcome common obstacles to reading and understanding the Bible. Written and edited by award-winning authors Philip Yancey and Tim Stafford. Features:

    • Complete NIV text
    • Three-track reading plan
    • Book introductions and overviews
    • Insights provide background information on key passages
    • Guided Tours offer a bird's-eye view of the Bible Highlights present short commentary on specific verses
    • 100 People You Should Know
    • Indexes, glossaries, and study helps
    • Subject guide
    • Eight pages of maps with index Page Count: 1568


    What if we told you, when you order ConGRADulations! you could get a Message($30) or NIV HardBack Bible($28) or NIV College Devotional Bible ($35) for ONLY $13? It's TRUE! It's a deal so good your grads will think you did something illegal. A large number of leaders and grad gift givers have asked for the option to add a Bible to a ConGRADulations! gift order. We heard you and created the GRAD "Add A HardBack Bible" PACK. In 2015 there are four Bible PACK options: Message Remix, NIV Student Bible, NIV College Devotional Bible, or a Leather Bible. All for a fraction of the cost you pay elsewhere..

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    Grads Need A Transition Resource

    This is the biggest transition of their lives. Many grads will make unwise choices that will affect the rest of their lives.

    "Between 65% and 94% of church high school student stop attending church after they graduate." - A Profile of Youth Group Kids, Post-Youth Group.-YouthWorker Journal Sept-Oct 2005.

    Music Is Their Life's Soundtrack & Technology Is Their Language

    The YouTube, MySpace Generation is spending a whopping 7.5 hours EVERYDAY with music, media, and technology

    They Listen To Their Peers & Music Artists

    Social networking is the name of the game for the Class of 2015. They listen very carefully to their friends and peers. When other people their age talk and popular Christian artists sing or speak, grads are listening

    Years ago, a youth leader, knowing our unique function with youth ministry and Christian music, asked us a simple question. "My seniors never read the book that I give them for graduation. Couldn't you guys put together a collection of songs that would deal with the same topics that the grad books do?" And From a simple question a wonder Grad gift was born. For around 20 years we've worked to create a new album (for those doing the math it was a cassette tape back then!) for the graduating class. We worked hard to pick songs that wil encourage, challenge and remind them how vital their relationship with God is as they stretch their wings.

    But, probably the best reason for giving ConGRADulations is that seniors love getting GRAD and they actually use it. We love hearing stories from youth leaders - a former student comes home for Christmas and says, "Hey, thanks for that GRAD Album! It's been cool to listen to & the video and web resources were kind of helpful". We love how pleased youth leaders are knowing that they've given a gift that actually goes to college with their students. And we've worked hard to pack the Media Content full of resources to keep grads from graduating from their faith.