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04/22/18  Joel and Luke with interlinc Guys (Jay Sedwick and Justin Nations) met with a group of DFW Youthworkers before their sold-out concert at Dr Pepper Arena. They shared their spiritual journey story, their mission to minister to students, an update on the PRICELESS Movement (already over 500K students have been impacted), and requested youthworker prayer for their upcoming single (Joy) and album coming out this year.




Get the Youthworker and Student Guides for "O God Forgive Us”



Soaring melodies, driving rhythms, theatrical instrumentation and personal themes are the heartbeat of for KING & COUNTRY’s sophomore album, RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. 

The duo, comprised of Australian brothers Joel and Luke, has accomplished several notable feats on their new record. Perhaps the most remarkable is that the award-winning rock/pop duo has achieved the unexpected.

Not only have they ventured into new musical territories with some of the highlights being a collaboration with hip-hop artist Andy Mineo, their continued creative partnership with artist/producer Aqualung and their discovery of new soundscapes with producer Tedd T. (MuteMath) as well as Seth Mosely, but for KING & COUNTRY also managed to surpass the bar that the brothers had set for themselves with their debut album. They raised expectations tremendously with the release of 2012’s Crave and a win for New Artist of the Year at the 2013 GMA Dove Awards, where they received six nominations. Billboard also named them as one of the New Artists to Watch for 2012 and American Songwriter called them “Australia’s answer to Coldplay.”

The line to meet for KING & COUNTRY after their performance at KONGRESS in Germany

“A really thrilling component of this new album is that we stepped into it with 300-plus shows under our belts,”...
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